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Experience Matters!

April 16, 2012


The 2012 TLC Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly is fast approaching, and experienced trainers are getting ready to offer their wisdom and insights for another week of great learning.

Eight Great Reasons to Attend the July 10-13 TLC Assembly

1. Up to Date Information

Keep on top of your field by attending this year’s assembly! Providing a trauma-informed practice is essential when striving to offer your clients the best treatment possible. TLC takes much care and attention to providing top-notch training grounded in research-based interventions that are clinically relevant and practical.

2. Build Your Own Community

The assembly is a great place to meet new colleagues from all over the world and renew/maintain connections with both participants and TLC staff from past trainings.

Each person that attends comes with their own skills and knowledge. Each of these people are potential resources. The TLC assembly provides a wonderful opportunity to create a network of professionals that you can consult with even after the assembly.

3. Professional Integration

Bring what you already know! As professionals, we are constantly learning new methods of intervention in an ever-growing field. Come to the assembly to learn fresh, practical interventions to integrate into your current practice. This means integrating all your previous knowledge and experience with current, up-to-date clinical information.

4. Get Inspired!

Inspiration is an essential companion on our journey as practitioners. I have found her,  “Inspiration”, hanging around the halls during breaks. She throws herself out during presentations, and she captures our hearts as we gather new ideas and fresh interventions. She is the light that keeps us going when we return to our offices, schools and work places. She is the energy to keep believing. She will find her way into your suitcase as you pack up to go home at the end of the week.

5. Rejuvenate and Refresh!

Rejuvenation is a close relative to Inspiration. You will meet her as well at the assembly as you take time away from your practice to gather new information and affirm what you already know, as this is both refreshing and rejuvenating. She will sneak up on you at your table as you sink into the experiential activities that are often part of the workshops or as you enjoy the nutritious meals that are provided. You will be so pleased to reacquaint yourself with Rejuvenation!

6. Empowerment

One of the key components of trauma therapy is building resources to help empower the lives of the ones we journey with. As practitioners, we too need to feel empowered in our work. Learning the specifics of trauma-informed care is empowering to professionals at all levels. When we become empowered and alive in our work, we can pass that on to our clients. As we see the results in our clients, we all are empowered!

7. Increased Confidence/Competence

The assembly is a way of learning the “map” of working effectively with trauma-exposed clients, thus increasing competence. Attending can help with preventing burn out by increasing our confidence in our practice. When we have trusted professionals teaching, we can rest assured that we are offering cutting-edge assessment and trauma treatment approaches to our clients.

8. Certification = Increased Professionalism

And if those weren’t reason enough to come, you will gather more courses to earn your Level 1, 2 or 3 Certification as Trauma Experts! Having these Certifications helps to build your specialization in the field, sharpens your professional profile and adds to your marketability in the field.

See you there!

Carmen Richardson

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